Podcasting from Gnomedex

James Prudente, the developer of MixCast Live and BigFeeder.com, has made available his first podcast of several from the Gnomedex 5.0 conference that begins today in Seattle and runs through the 25th.

Over the next couple of days about 300 industry leaders will gather to explore the bleeding edge of technology and to rub shoulders as they cross-pollinate one another with ideas, many of which will be borne out of competitive envy, jealousy and greed, and maybe a few of which will spring from altruism, but the end result will be that they’ll come away from the conference with a better understanding of what others have done, are doing or may do in the future. Such events often stimulate growth and progress, as developers see where their competitors are taking their products and are thus inspired to enhance their own product just to keep pace and in the hope of gaining market share.

If you use an RSS reader and wish to subscribe to James’ reports from the event, here is the link that you need to copy into your RSS reader:


I plan to follow along and participate vicariously as James podcasts from this event. Not only will he be reporting on events, conducting interviews and sharing impressions, he’ll also be demonstrating the power of MixCast Live and the speed with which he can use it to get a podcast created and then uploaded to BigFeeder.com.


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