More about and MixCast Live

Things are progressing nicely with MixCast Live and its associated podcast hosting service, James recently produced a demo that illustrates how the program and the service work together. Click HERE to view it.

If you find this first introduction to this program / service goes by a bit too quickly for you to follow what is going on, not to worry. Just view it more than once. You’ll find it includes a number of terms that may be new to you, such as “feed,” “rss,” “tags,” “mp3 file” “xml,” or “id3 tags” etc., but if you’ll just not trouble yourself with your familiarity with those things for the moment and watch the demo to grasp the overall concept, it’ll all become clearer as time goes on. If, on the other hand, you find this is a bit like watching the sausage being made, which is to say, something you’d rather not do, again don’t worry. You can just relax and enjoy listening to the podcasts when they begin to appear here. However, I recommend watching James’ demo at least once so you can “look behind the curtain” and appreciate how easy he has made it to create a podcast and make it available to listeners.

We are having a discussion about MixCast Live over at that may be interesting to some of you. Remember these individual podcasts are in reverse chronological order, similar to a blog, so it will make more sense to start at the oldest entry and listen to them in chronological order. To listen to any podcast at, just click on the M3U link for it, and the podcast will play in whatever application you have configured on your computer to handle *.mp3 files (which is what podcasts are).

Another development that will be of interest in the coming week is that James (Prudente), the developer of MixCast Live and, will be attending and podcasting from Gnomedex in coming days. Once the feed begins on, I’ll post a link here so that you can follow those podcasts, as I plan to.


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