A special day at the park

This story from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution sports page recounts the story of the Atlanta Braves’ father-son broadcasting team of Chip and Skip Carey. It’s worth a read (and even enduring the requirement to register for free at the site) if you have any interest in the Atlanta Braves, in baseball or in the relationship between fathers and sons.

I hope all you sons and daughters remember, with me, your own father’s best qualities and how much he loved you. I also hope you will, with me, take a moment to forgive him for being human. You can take solace in the fact that despite those moments when he might have been an embarrassment to you, he did the best he could at the time to be your father.

None of us fathers ever has enough experience, or is wise enough, or is quite as good as we’d like to be as a father, but all of us, I believe, feel at some point or other that the best thing we ever achieved in this life was to participate in the beginning of another life and to do what we could along the way to help that child become an adult.

Happy Father’s Day to all of you who may read this, but especially to my two sons, who are themselves fathers, and to my own Dad, God rest his soul, to whom I never said quite sincerely and completely enough … I love you.

Here is a link to a song that has, at times, been almost a theme song for my relationship with my children. The truth of its words is at times frightening.


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