Report card day

Do you remember how apprehensive you used to be as a child when you knew you were getting your report card? What? You weren’t apprehensive? Well, lucky you! But if you were like most of us, you would approach that day with some degree of anxiety about finding out the results of the tests you had taken and be on edge to learn if you had passed.

Well, today is such a day. Carole has been taking tests all this week, MRIs, Xrays, etc., and today she goes in to see both the surgeon and the Oncologist for a report on what they found. Because in the initial surgery, during which they removed the lump from her breast, they also removed cancerous lymph nodes from under her left arm, this week has seen her take a battery of tests to determine whether there were other sites to which the cancer had spread. And today she gets some answers. The appointments with her doctors are early in the day, so along about noon or so we should have a better picture of what we are facing and the degree of involvement of other organs or other parts of her body.

When I have some answers, I’ll share them here.


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