Incredibly Good News

I’ve just received a phone call from my son, Jeff, who went with Carole this morning to the visits with the doctors. They have just gotten out of the surgeon’s consultation and the results of all this week’s test are negative. They found no other sites that were cancerous.

They are about to begin their visit with the Oncologist who will discuss when we begin the chemotherapy treatments and perhaps provide other information. While it is wonderful news that none of the tests conducted this week have turned up any other cancers, we aren’t out of the woods yet. There are still the debilitating treatments ahead and the concern about the possible delayed return of the disease, but it is certainly a relief to learn there isn’t more bad news to have to deal with at the moment.


3 thoughts on “Incredibly Good News

  1. Anonymous

    That is indeed great news Perry. We’ve had Carole and you on our minds and in our prayers since first hearing of her cancer and the challenge ahead. You must trust she will get the treatment she needs and keep the faith that she will beat this. We will continue to keep Carole in our thoughts and prayers.Darrell and Carolyn

  2. Perry

    Thanks for your note and your prayers, Darrell. One can never have too many people wishing him well. Though this news is certainly welcomed, I realize that it is not a guarantee that we won’t have face an extension of the disease later, and I’m sure the doctors will monitor these other systems to determine if they become involved. As with any health matter, nothing is ever permanent or guaranteed, but I’ll keep everyone informed by posting here as we have news.


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