I’ve written before here about my enjoyable period as a member of the Writers Conference on ILink in the early 1990’s, which is where I met my friend Paul Moor. The other day, I learned that Terry Preston, who was also a member of that group, has a blog called, From the Mountaintop, so that led me to wonder if other members of that same ILink Writers group had migrated to blogging. It seems to me a natural move. Paul supplied the email addresses of a number of those he recalled who were also members, and yesterday I sent an email to them asking that they contact me and let me know if they were blogging or not.

Last night I heard from John G. Fisher with a nice message, catching me up on what is happening with him and his family and asking about mine, in which he indicated that he did not maintain a blog. I am hopeful that others to whom I wrote will reply and tell me how they are doing and, if appropriate, publicize their blog. As I learn if any of them are blogging, I’ll post the URLs here so that you can check them out too.

All of us, I guess, have been a part of a work, school, social, or some other special interest group where the cast of characters is sort of taken for granted while the group is together and only later recognized for their unique and extraordinary traits. I’ve had that happen to me more than a few times. For instance, I remember thinking, after we were no longer together, how very talented Vernine and Associates, the company I worked with for 20 years, was. And now as I think back about the group that comprised ILink Writers, I realize that they too were an interesting combination of talent and experience that just coalesced around a common interest in writing. It was the first online group of which I was a part where I experienced the sense of community and feeling as if I knew the members really well, despite the fact that most of us never laid eyes on one another.

So I hope to hear from as many of them as possible in response to my message and in particular to learn about their blogs, if any of them have them. If or when I do, I’ll post the links here.


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