Post Colonoscopy report

The colonoscopy was completed by noon today. I slept through the whole thing and feel no after effects, other than a little drowsiness that I took care of by having a nap when I got home. Mike was kind enough to pick me up and bring me back home after the procedure.

They found two polyps that they removed and sent to the lab for further examination. I suppose I won’t hear from them until I return for a follow-up consultation on Wednesday, the 27th. I’m sure I’ll post the lab report on them next week.

This examination, I learned at the hospital today, is something everyone should have beginning at age 50. If there are no indications otherwise, the next one will be 10 years down the road. I waited of course 13 years too long to have my first one, but at least I now have it done. I can honestly say that it was not at all uncomfortable having it done, since I was sleeping through the whole thing.


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