No more comments, and here’s why.

I’ve decided to eliminate the ability for you to comment on my blog.

Yeah, yeah, I know it’s a free country and everyone has the right to speak his or her mind. But this blog gets no federal funding, is not bound by any law except the ones I choose to impose, and is not obligated to permit people to post comments, so I’ve turned them off. And I’ve done so in the interest of protecting the feelings of some people I care about from the ignorant rantings of some who have chosen to post stupid and insensitive comments in the comment section. So I’m perfectly willing to exercise the authority I have as the writer of this blog to eliminate the ability for anyone to post comments here. And as of tonight, I’ve done that.

As is too often the case, abuse by an individual or two restricts the rights of the many, but such is life. I can live with having this blog published without your ability to comment on it.

If you wish to comment on something I have written, you are free to write me personally by sending email to the letter “p” followed by an underscore and then my last name “nelson” followed by the “at” sign, and then this sequence, “vic” dot “com”. I’ll get the email and you can say whatever you please in that. I know how to filter that kind of thing, and I can send it directly to the trash bin if I find that direct email becomes a problem for me.

What a pity that insensitive people have as much power as they do. In a more perfect world, things would be different, but I suppose we are still working toward that ideal.


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