Happy Easter

My young friend, Alan Kegley, sent me this electronic Easter greeting card that I thought I’d share with the rest of you as an excuse to wish you all a Happy Easter. Hope your day and your celebration are joyous family occasions. And to Alan, let me say “thanks” publicly, and I hope you have a happy Easter too.


4 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. Perry

    Dear Annonymous,My first inclination was to delete your comment, and then I decided to leave it and instead tell you what I think of it and consequently, of you.First to answer your question, Alan is 16. He is in a Special Education class at his high school. And he is a friend of mine.Because you are reading my weblog, you may also consider yourself a friend of mine, but the insensitivity of your comment and the cowardice of your failure to sign you comment, leads me to believe that if you are a friend, I’d be perfectly happy to see you drop from the roles of those I call friend. Perhaps you are just not very thoughtful, and if that’s the case, then I pity you. But the possibility exists that you are cruel, in which case, I’d just as soon you forgot about this link and not read it ever again.I’m honored to have Alan as a friend. I doubt that I can say the same about you.At least have the courage to sign you posts if you choose to reply to this message.Perry

  2. Anonymous

    My name is Josh. I was on your outbound team about 1 month till I left. That kids card is like a 5 year old would send to someone and not a 16 year old. Special Education doesn’t explain why it was writen and sent like that.

  3. Perry

    Hi, Josh.Thanks for at least owning up to the comment. I can respect that.I think if you think about it the Special Ed class DOES explain the issue, if you consider that some of the students may have a M.A. of about the range you specified. Since I know Alan reads this site, I was put off by your message and felt a need to defend him.


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