Yahoo acquires Flickr

The Flickr Blog reported on Sunday that Flickr had been acquired by Yahoo. This phenomenally successful photo storage service promises its users that rather than being transformed by Yahoo it will instead “Flickrize” Yahoo. That, I think, remains to be seen. But no one can begrudge an upstart company capitalizing on its success, and it is often true that the infusion of capital makes things possible that limited capital would otherwise have prevented. I am just hopeful that the good things that come from this acquisition outweigh the bad.


2 thoughts on “Yahoo acquires Flickr

  1. Perry

    No, Janie, I don’t think it does. If you read the link (by clicking on the title of the piece I posted) you can read what they have to say about the changes they are making. They claim that current users of Flickr will see enhancements to their service rather than new restrictions or obligations. That’s what I was referring to when I said that I hope the good outweighs the bad. Like Google Flickr has been a real innovator and has quickly risen to prominence because of that. Changing the formula for that success at this stage would be like the famous failed “New Coke” fiasco, I believe. But like everyone else, I’ll be watching to see what this acquisition means. Thanks for your question.Perry


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