LG VX6000 Cellphone

LG VX6000 Cellphone
Originally uploaded by CaptQuirk.

This picture is of my new cellphone, the LG VX6000 picture phone. While I can take pictures with it and send them to any email address, including to Flickr, the quality of the photos isn’t as good as those taken with my Canon PowerShot G2, but its major advantage is that this “camera” will be at my side anytime I see a picture that I want or need to take.

When I got the cellphone, I chose to port out my landline telephone number to my cellphone, so that I, not my house, now have a telephone number. As some of you have found out already, I can make long distance calls anywhere in the U.S. without any extra cost, so now maybe I’ll stay in touch with family and friends a bit more regularly than I have in the past.

It’s amazing how the world is changing because of the advances in technology.


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