The MixCast Live pre-release is now available.

James Prudente announced this afternoon that the pre-release version of MixCast Live is now available. See his announcement here.

If you’ve been itching to get your hands on this new tool for creating podcasts, you now have that opportunity, and what’s more it’s available at a $20 discount from the opening price of $59.00. I would urge you to get on board if you think you’ll want to have this program, because even in the beta stages it has shown itself to be a very useful program, whether or not you ever intend to publish a podcast though that is, of course, its intended purpose. James has also put up a new demo of the program in its latest incarnation. This version, known as the pre-release version 0.9.0, will still be tweaked before version 1.0 comes out, but even as it stands it is worth having.


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