iPod Shuffle? Maybe not

Last year, my son, Jeff, bought himself an iPod and so far he loves it, as do apparently a lot of people who own them. Recently at MacWorld 05, Steve Jobs announced the iPod Shuffle, a scaled down, more reasonably priced model ($99) of the same technology that is sure to appeal to others. I told Jeff about its availability because I know his son and daughter, Dustin and Maegan, and his wife, Deanna, may also want to have one of these cool devices. Who doesn’t?

Well, it seems that Dave Ciccone may not. In a side-by-side comparison of the iPod Shuffle and the SanDisk MP3 player, Dave concludes that the SanDisk is a better choice because it offers a number of features that the iPod Shuffle doesn’t. And frankly his article convinces me. Not only does the SanDisk player allow you to select the songs or podcasts you want to hear, it also offers portable data storage, an FM radio, a voice recorder with a built in microphone, and a cheaper price. It is a bit larger than the iPod shuffle but still small enough for that not to be an issue.

In the words of Will Smith’s character in Independence Day after he had a chance to fly the alien spacecraft, “I have got to get me one of these!” They come in three sizes: the SanDisk SDMX1-256-A18 for $65.99, the SanDisk SDMX1-512-A18 for $105.99, and the SanDisk SDMX1-1024-A18 for $139.99. All prices quoted are from Newegg.com.


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