Saturday morning update

During my first two weeks of training at my new job, I’ve been sitting next to a young man named Marc Bryant. His computer training station is just to the left of mine. During our down time in training, he and I have chatted about a number of things, and I learned that he has a web page which I visited this morning. I was pleased to get to know him in a different context than our work environment and surprised to learn that he is a writer of stories for comic books. He has had a few of them publish already. Quite interesting and creative. Check out his site if you are into that sort of thing.

I’ve made some progress with the MixCast Live beta. I’ve shared a couple of podcasting experiments with a small circle of friends as a learning experience to help me identify what works for me and what doesn’t as it relates to my style and content and to test out my skill at using the tool. I’m still working on creating a podcast that I’m ready to link to from here, but as soon as that is ready, I’ll let you know and post a link.

MixCast Live is almost ready for a pre-release version, probably some time within the next week or two, so you early adopters out there might keep an eye on that web site (or here because I’m sure I’ll announce it too) and jump on the bandwagon when James Prudente opens the doors for business. I think this tool is going to be very popular with Windows users and make a big splash in the world of podcasting because it gives you a lot of abilities that make creating a podcast easier, and those who buy the pre-release version may get it at an introductory price, I am told. But I’ll leave it to James to decide when to announce it and what the specifics are once he is ready to go. He seems really committed to getting it out the door as soon as he can, but he appears to be even more committed to making sure that when it goes out the door, it is ready for use and free from as many bugs as is humanly possible. I’ll just say that from what I’ve seen so far, I believe you’ll like it a lot.

By the way, here’s a link to another description of what a podcast is and a bit about its origins. This phenomenon is still in its infancy, but podcasting is catching on rapidly.


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