First impressions of my first week

I have returned from the grave. Well not exactly, but this is the first post in quite some time. I’ve discovered that in some instances that posts to my blog seem to be in inverse proportion to the number of things going on in my life at the time. While a lot of activity would seem to provide the material for a new post, the fact that many things are going on means that I have less time to post than I would normally. But I am due to catch you up on what has been going on since my last post.

First things first. I began training for my new job on Monday, January 17th, and I’ll have to say that the first week gave me a very good first impression of my new company. The facilities are nice, the people are friendly, the benefits and compensation are generous, and the corporate philosophy is something I feel good about. U. S. Cellular talks a good game of being customer-focused, and until I see evidence to the contrary (which I don’t anticipate), I’m going to assume that what they claim is the way they operate.

Also this week as I said previously, I’ve been beta testing MixCastLive, a program for creating podcasts. After some initial problems with its working on my system, the author, James Prudente, has put up a version that works for me. During my spare time this week, I plan to try to produce my first podcast so that you can hear the results of using this program. So far, I am very impressed with its capability for us Windows users. Up until now, Mac users have had an advantage in tools, but once MixCastLive is released, Windows users have a tool that makes integrating several different audio sources into one recording. I’m exploring a resource that will make it possible for me to upload these MP3 files so that they can be either streamed or downloaded. But I suppose that will have to wait until later in the week after I’ve had more time to investigate it.

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