New job

This morning I went for a second interview, a so-called “performance-based” interview, with my potential employer, U. S. Cellular, at 9:00 AM. I felt good about how I presented myself in the interview, and afterwards the interviewer said that the company had a new training class starting on January 17th, next Monday, but that I probably wouldn’t be in that class because my application wouldn’t be processed in time to be included in it. He indicated that the next class would start either the middle of February or at the first of March. So I was a little concerned that I might have to endure 4-6 weeks of unemployment between the end of my current job at ClientLogic on this coming Friday, January 14, and the beginning of training with the new company. And even that optimistic assessment was based on the assumption that I would be hired by U. S. Cellular which, of course, wasn’t assured, despite my good feelings about the various interviews I have had with them.

As it turns out, I received a call this afternoon around 5:00 PM from a representative of U. S. Cellular who offered me the job and invited me to be a part of the training class that starts this coming Monday. So I am very pleased that I won’t miss a beat or have to suffer any gap in employment at all. I’ll finish up the job at ClientLogic on Friday and begin the job with U. S. Cellular on Monday morning at 9:00 AM.

I’ll be in training for the next five weeks between the hours from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. Upon completing training, my schedule will shift to the hours where they need help, presumably between 12:00 PM and 9:00 PM, but I’ll know more about that later.

There are a number of good things about the new job. First, the company’s office is about 6 miles closer to my home than my former job is. Second, they offer medical coverage from the very first day of employment so I won’t have to pay for medical benefits between the two jobs. And third, one of the fringe benefits is a free cellphone with unlimited minutes, which means I’ll own a cellphone for the first time in my life, and I’ll be able to make free long distance calls on it. So there are some nice advantages to my new position, not to mention the benefit of a chance to learn new things, make new friends, and start over with a clean slate in an organization where I can build a good reputation. I’m looking forward to the challenge.


6 thoughts on “New job

  1. Tom Wright

    Perry: I had no idea your old job was ending, but what good news that a new one begins on the very next work day. Good for you. And pass that cell phone number along as soon as you get it. This is great news. Thanks. Tom

  2. Anonymous

    Perry,CONGRATULATIONS! Good things happen to good persons. I am happy that your interview process worked out for you and without the lag between jobs. Nice perk getting a cell phone and unlimited service, as well. That can translate into a nice benefit over time. I am genuinely happy for you. Good luck at U.S. Cellular.Darrell

  3. Perry

    Thanks, Darrell. I appreciate the good wishes. Needless to say, I’m relieved to have resolved the question of where the next check is coming from and excited aboout the new beginning. Perry


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