Speeding up Firefox

As most of you know, no doubt, there have been a lot of recommendations from various authorities around the Internet to switch from Internet Explorer to Firefox for security reasons. And those who have downloaded it (in the millions) will attest to its increased security as well as its many useful features, such as tabbed browsing and extensions that add functionality to it.

Recently, recommendations have appeared about how to modify its configuration so that web pages will load much, much more quickly. This morning, I made those modifications and I can confirm that it does, indeed, speed up page loading dramatically. However, at this link, the following explanation is given for why these settings are not the default value for Firefox as it is shipped:

“The downside, and the reason it’s not enabled by default, is that it can prevent Web pages from displaying correctly. If you’ve enabled this, and you find pages that aren’t displaying correctly, please don’t blame Firefox or the Web developer. It’s probably the fact that you enabled an “unsupported” feature which is incompatible with some Web servers and proxy servers.”

I’d recommend that you look at all the links in this post and make an informed decision about whether the modifications are something you’d like to do or not. For the record, I plan to continue using them until I run across sites where they cause a problem. The important thing is to remember the modifications you made and to reverse them if they become problematic for you.


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