Correspondence with the author of SAM

Yesterday my friends Patrick Ahern and Paul Moor both tested out my installation of SAM, the Skype Answering Machine. What I learned from that experiment is that at the moment SAM does not permit me to specify the length of time a caller can talk when he or she is leaving a message. Right now, a caller is cut off at the about the one minute mark. So I wrote the author, Alex Rosenbaum, and asked if he were planning to add that functionality in the future.

Last night I got a response from him indicating that the next version of his little program will have that feature. He said it might be a few weeks before the next version is out however.

I think it is really cool that the Internet permits you to correspond with the authors of software and suggest improvements and that they are, in general, receptive to such feedback. It makes for a better product for them and a more satisfying experience for the user.


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