Comments (for example about Skype)

Yesterday I received a comment on my post about Skype. This comment was from Janet Tokerud, someone I do not know, and in it she asked an interesting question about using Skype. However, that comment raised a point that I need to make about comments in general. (By the way, it is always a kick to get a comment from a “stranger” because it means that people other than my immediate family and friends are reading my blog, and that usually surprises me. Thanks, Janet.)

If you leave an anonymous comment, or even if you register with Blogger and leave a comment that identifies who you are, I don’t usually have an email address for you so that I can reply by email to your comment. For that reason, the only way I have of answering your question is to post a comment in reply to yours. Therefore, you should check the comments section once you’ve left one there to see whether you have gotten a reply to your question (if you ask one). I don’t mean to imply by this that I’ll post a reply to every comment, but I often do, so please check the comments to the post on which you commented to see if there is a response from me.


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