Lawrence Lessig’s innovative use of the Web

Lawrence Lessig says that it’s time for an update to his book “Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace,” which was written and first published five years ago. His publisher has agreed to the following plan:

“Beginning in February, we’ll be posting Version 1 of Code to a Wiki. ‘Chapter Captains’ will then supervise updates and corrections. Depending upon the progress, sometime near June, I will take the product and edit and rewrite it to produce Code, v2. The Wiki will stay live forever (under a Creative Commons license). The edited book will be published in the fall. I have donated my advance for Code, v2 to Creative Commons. All royalties beyond the advance will be donated as well. “

In case you aren’t familiar with who Lawrence Lessig is, you probably should become so. He is a very influential thinker in his interpretation of the law and it’s relation to our connected world. He first came to my attention when he was appointed a “Special Master” in the government’s case against Microsoft a few years ago. Since that time I’ve read many things that he has written and have found him to be both thoughtful and clear.


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