Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

If you haven’t yet discovered Wikipedia, hie thee hence and check it out. It’s a fascinating example of collaborative effort that’ll help to restore your faith in what people can do when cooperate with each other.

“From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Wikipedia is an encyclopedia written collaboratively by its readers. The site is a Wiki, meaning that anyone, including you, can edit almost any article right now by clicking on the ‘edit this page’ link that appears at the top of the page.”

Instructions on how you can participate by adding articles, correcting them or elaborating on those already provided on the site are available at the site.

You can easily lose yourself, as I did, in exploring the links to various definitions, explanations, and elaborations, learning and being entertained by the discoveries you make there. To cite one diversion that illustrates my point, I ended up at the Car Talk website exploring Tom and Ray Magliozzi’s devilishly-clever list of so-called “staffers” as a result of following a link from this page.

Why more companies haven’t taken advantage of this technology to create a knowledge management system within their company, I can’t imagine. Maybe it is just too new and they haven’t yet learned how to use or trust this kind of tool within their company. Maybe someday!


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