Describing trauma with flare

From Rory Blyth at

“While halfway through the current MSDN Events ASP.NET optimization talk, I noticed that there was a word on my monitor which was missing a letter.

Seemed a little odd, eh? I looked away and then checked it again: Yup – still missing.

Shifting my eyes over the paragraph I was looking at, I saw that I had a blind spot, and that the blind spot was covering up letters, one after the other, as my gaze swept them.

‘Lame,’ thought I to myself.

I decided to ignore it, though, hoping that it was just a momentary anomaly and that it would go away in a minute or two.

A minute or two later, I decided to give the audience an impromptu twenty minute break. It’s weird starting a break with the words, ‘We’re going to have to take a break because I seem to be going blind right now,’ but these things happen. The spot, you see, was growing.”

Do yourself a favor and click on the link to read the rest of the story. You’ll be rewarded with a few grins, a chuckle, and maybe even a belly laugh or two as the author turns what was obviously a traumatic event into something for the rest of us to enjoy. Excellent!


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