A voice from the past

What a wonderful surprise! I’ve just gotten off the phone with Brenda Jernigan, with whom I worked at Behaviorial Systems, Inc., from about 1972 until 1978, who was calling to invite me to participate in a surprise event for a friend with whom we both worked. I won’t mention his (or her) name so as not to spoil the surprise in honor of his (or her) retirement. She commented that I was really easy to find by just looking in the phone book — sheesh! such old technology! — and I asked whether she thought that I should have obscured my address more effectively.

At any rate, I gave her my email address and encouraged her to drop me a message letting me know what she was looking for from me for the event. I am really pleased to have the opportunity to reestablish contact with members of a workgroup that was very influential in my life … a long time ago.


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