More about Podcasting

Yesterday I mentioned how hot Podcasting is on the Net. This morning I decided to set a “watch” in FeedDemon, which is a feature whereby you can have the program scan all the feeds you subscribe to for key words. I chose to put two key words, Podcast and Podcasting, into the watch, and then I ran it. It pulled 85 entries that mentioned the subjects. I was surprised by the number of references, even though I suspected there would be a lot of them. This watch feature will now alert me to any new mentions of these subjects each day when I open FeedDemon, and I can check out what is being said.

Also this morning I listened to Adam Curry’s latest Daily Source Code podcast of his conversation with Dave Winer of Scripting News from October 12th. It was about an hour and ten minutes of their discussing, as well as a good deal of rambling, about what is going on with Podcasting and where it is headed. I find it interesting to try to keep up with what leaders in the field are thinking and although much of the conversation felt as if I were eavesdropping on a telephone conversation between two friends, it did give me a feel for how these things develop.

Podcasting is spreading like wildfire and is in its infancy, being only about a month or two old, so maybe it will flame out at some point, but I enjoy trying to keep up with developments that may become significant in the future on the web, which if you think about it is also only in its infancy. The World Wide Web is only about 10 years old at this point and just pause for a second and think how pervasive it has become in such a short time! It’s an interesting time to be alive, I think.


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