Comings and Goings

Because it’s been a while since I made any entries here, it’s time for a global catch-up post. So this one will have several different topics, but at the end you’ll at least be caught up on what’s up with me.

First, a word or two about the “Goings.”

Yesterday was Shannon Kamer’s last day at ClientLogic. He’s going to work for the Morgan County School system in their IT department. They have eight schools (I believe it is), and he’ll be working to keep their networked environment and individual computers up and running. Shannon is a remarkably talented young man. In his time at ClientLogic in our Outbound Customer Services department, he created a number of applications that made our job of tracking information and keeping our notes for customer records easier and more effective. He is a wizard with HTML and damn good with databases as well. Since he and I spent our two and a half years of working in this department sitting near each other and since in that time we shared a lot, I’ll really miss working with him. I’ve learned a great deal from him in that time, and he and I have shared a lot of discoveries about things on the Internet. I don’t want to lose contact with him because I consider him a valuable resource and a friend. My best wishes to you, Shannon, as you begin your new career and your life with your new wife, Jennifer.

We have one more week at ClientLogic before the BellSouth campaign comes to an end and the Outbound Customer Service department ceases to be. It has been an enjoyable and interesting experience applying all the things I used to teach people about Customer Service to the actual task of dealing with Customers. Some of our group, like my friend Josh Yonce, have moved over to the DaimlerChrysler campaign and will remain with ClientLogic, but I chose not to be a part of that group because the economics of the situation weren’t right for me. Still I will miss those folks and driving to 1089 Commerce Park Drive in Oak Ridge every day. And I’ll miss each member of the ensemble cast of associates with which I’ve spent the last four years. They were a unique blend of strengths and idiosyncrasies, as is every work team I guess, that made my time at ClientLogic rewarding and a growth experience. I wish all of you well in your future endeavors.

And now a word or two about some of the “Comings.”

On August 27th, my son Mike sent me this message, in verse no less, to announce a blessed event for his family.

Just a note to let you know….

Your daughter-in-law will soon start to show

This little fact is just for you

For those who know are but a few

So keep this info under your hat

Till we find out just where we’re at

We’ll see the doctor next Monday morn

To see when junior will be born.

On the following Tuesday, after their visit to the doctor the previous day, they confirmed that the family can, indeed, expect the arrival of another grandchild some time toward the end of April next year. Since they already have three girls in their family — Madison, Morgan, and Kaitlin — they have hopes that this child will be a boy, but of course, we’ll all be delighted with our newest family member, no matter what the sex. And of course we’ll be praying that whatever variety of grandchild we are blessed to receive, he or she will be healthy and that his or her life will be happy.

I’ll post more later about some of the more interesting technical discoveries I’ve made recently.


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