Good news on the horizon — and now for Page 2

Last Monday afternoon, our Operations Manager came by my desk to tell me that the company had gotten another new client, MCI. He had worked personally on getting this contract, and he was genuinely and justifiably proud of his achievement.

Initially it means another 55 jobs for those of us who otherwise would be losing our position because of BellSouth’s departure. When he first told me, he wasn’t sure whether he would be able to offer these jobs at current salary levels, but today we finally got the good news that we would be able to keep salaries at their current level. Then later in the day I was offered one of those new jobs, and I gladly accepted. So on Tuesday the 7th, I’ll begin training for my new position.

I’m quite pleased to be able to continue working in the same place and also exicted about a chance to learn some new things for the new role. Needless to say, I am very relieved that I won’t have to learn, for the first time in my life, what it is like to receive an unemployment check.


2 thoughts on “Good news on the horizon — and now for Page 2

  1. Anonymous

    Great news Perry – I’m happy for you, and without any doubt you will be superb – I only wish you would consider moving to Indy so I could hire you….David SteeleIndianapolis

  2. Perry

    Thanks, David. I’m flattered that you’d be interested in hiring me, but as you might imagine at this late stage in life, I’m not interested in moving from Knoxville. Still, it’s always nice to be wanted.


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