A good time to sample other blogs

This week is a good time to sample some other blogs, if you’ve never done that before, because for the first time ever a number of bloggers (35?) have been given press credentials to the Democratic National Convention in Boston. See this article in the New York Times on the subject. Whether you are a Democrat, a Republican or an Independent, and whether or not you have any interest in what is happening at the DNC, I think you’ll find this diversity of approach to blogging interesting. Or at least I do, so I thought I’d share the idea with you.

I recommend you set aside at least an hour or two each day to surf and read and listen, since some of the bloggers are including audio links (like this one for example) at their sites, and many of them are using digital cameras to post pictures of what is going on. At the moment, most of the chatter is about the preparations for the convention and the sights and sounds leading up to the activities of the convention itself. For the bloggers, just being there is a momentous event, and they hope to bring a kind of reporting about the convention that doesn’t follow the typical “official” press coverage. Jay Rosen has written a thoughtful piece about the conventional wisdom that political conventions are no longer really news events and what he thinks bloggers might bring to the coverage that is different. Give that a read and see what you think.

The way I am keeping up with many different blogs during this time is by using FeedDemon that I mentioned in my previous post, which makes it easy to review a very diverse sampling of different blogs and news sites quickly. I’ll try to post links to other blogs that I think are worth reviewing as the week rolls along. For the moment, here are a couple of possible places to start Scripting News and JOHO the blog. Like everything else on the Internet, if you just follow the links you won’t run out of things to examine.

More as the week goes on and as my time permits.


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