Launched again! BellSouth, the client our company…

Launched again!

BellSouth, the client our company supports, has decided to give all of their customer service business (not their tech support business) to our competitor, a group called TAG (_T_he _A_nswer _G_roup). This means massive change for our group of about 100 people, with probable layoffs for a large percentage of them/us. Ostensibly the cause wasn’t our team’s performance but cost. TAG was cheaper than we are.

The Operations Manager called me here at home yesterday afternoon (I was off because I work today, Saturday) to give me the news so I wouldn’t be blindsided when I came in today with everyone else already knowing and my being ignorant. I appreciated the courtesy, but frankly I am not looking forward to the changes that are on the way. It’s real easy to get comfortable when you’ve worked yourself into a groove (some might call it a rut) and can handle the things that come your way with some degree of skill. But I suppose Life has decided it’s time for me to show again that I can adapt and succeed, so if that’s what’s in store, then that’s what I’ll do.

When my consulting firm folded, I drew a cartoon that captured the feeling it caused in me. It pictured a baby bird in a nest with its mouth wide open waiting, as they always are, to be fed. The next panel had the bird suspended in mid-air with his eyes the size of saucers and no nest beneath him. Several brush strokes signified that the nest had fallen, and the caption read, ” … and thus the enterprise begins.”

Some launches happen before you think you are ready!

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