HTML for Phil This entry is prompted by my friend…

HTML for Phil

This entry is prompted by my friend Phil’s phonecall last night. He wanted to know how I was able to cause any word to become a link to some web site. That gave me the idea to give him a poor man’s explanation of HTML tags here in this brief article, even though I have already suggested that if he’d just put HTML or “HTML tags” into the Google search engine, he’d get thousands of links to many well-thought-out tutorials on HTML as a result.

Since this discussion has been done more effectively than I can do it, let me point you to this link that illustrates how a URL is embedded in a clickable hyperlink using HTML. You can even experimentally change the text in the link and see the results in the window at the right of it. This particular example is only a small part of the tutorial provided by the W3Schools. Anyone who is interested can find training there on almost any aspect of creating web pages.

My time is running out for posting this morning, so I’ll let this do for now. If you, Phil, or anyone else has observations or questions, let me suggest you use the comment facility below to pose them and I’ll try to respond to them when time permits. Hope this helps.


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