Panoramic views of Berlin If anyone is still foll…

Panoramic views of Berlin

If anyone is still following this weblog and you are interested in more pictures of Berlin (albeit ones that I did not take), here are some wonderful panoramic views of Berlin. The links at the bottom of the page take you to images of specific sites and display those images in the QuickTime viewer. If you don’t have that viewer on your computer, a link is provided where you can get it for free.

I also noted that you can save these images to your hard disk by clicking on the small downward facing triangle at the bottom right corner of the image which will reveal a subset of menus. Choose “Save as source.” The advantage of saving them to your hard disk rather than just viewing them online is that when you view them on your personal copy of QuickTime, you can select the menu item, “Movie,” (in QuickTime) and choose to view them Full Screen. This presents a much larger image that still has all the functionality of the images on the web.

That functionality includes being able to left click inside the picture and drag the image so that it reveals a full 360 degree view of the picture. If you press the Shift key, the image will zoom in, and pressing Ctrl causes the image to zoom out. These images, made available by Studio Kohlmeier, are a wonderful way to “see” Berlin without actually making the trip there or in preparation for doing so.


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