At home and back into the routine (a.k.a. the rut)…

At home and back into the routine (a.k.a. the rut)

Now that the great Berlin adventure is over, I have fallen back into the routine of going to work, coming home late at night, watching a little television and collapsing into the bed before getting up to repeat the process another day. I must confess that the experience of writing this blog was made more interesting by having something going on in my life worth reporting. The daily routine doesn’t provide that much worth reporting to the world at large.

One of the unexpected pleasures of having written my account of the trip to Berlin is that some unexpected readers have given it more significance that it probably deserved. Ms. Diana Smith’s class got exposed to my account because Alan Kegley chose to take it to school and make them aware of it. In a comment to my October 7th entry, Ms Smith indicated that she had used it to help her class learn about the geography of Germany and that the class had found that study more interesting because of having read of someone’s recent visit there. That comment served to remind me that one never knows, but he should always remember, that what he does is seen by others and may have an influence on them.


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