Helping a friendI’ve spent a few minutes on the ph…

Helping a friend

I’ve spent a few minutes on the phone with my friend, Paul Moor from Berlin, this morning. He’s evaluating NEO, Nelson Email Organizer, an alternate interface for Microsoft’s Outlook. In the process of installing it, he also chose to install some other program that added additional toolbars that he found objectionable to his Browser and to Outlook. I helped him remove those from both applications.

In the course of our discussion, he mentioned that he didn’t understand how to use Favorites. After giving hime some introductory instruction about that, I searched Google for “using favorites” and found a couple of neat resources. This one, Using Favorites Effectively, gives a pretty good basic explanation. And this link has a Windows Media video that makes learning to use favorites a bit easier because you can listen, watch and see how the author of the video explains the process.

It would be very unproductive to surf for very long without knowing how to save the sites you visit so that you can revisit them when you want to. I’m pleased to have the chance to share this technique with him.


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