Yes, I’m still aliveAfter a couple of weeks of no …

Yes, I’m still alive

After a couple of weeks of no posting, I begin again. If you read this site with any frequency, I’m sure I’ve probably extinguished your interest by not posting. The reason for my absence is that during the last couple of weeks I’ve been the lone trainer for a new group of agents at work. The need to arrive early at work coupled with my exhaustion at the end of the day sapped all the energy and enthusiasm I had for posting. So my apologies to you my reader for my absence.

Last night, Phil called requesting my help in getting the hang of using Pbase. I thought we had discovered what he was doing wrong so we hung up and he was going to post several more pictures to his site. Unfortunately when I checked the outcome of his efforts this morning, I see only one new photo, so I suppose we still have some more work to do. Phil, if you are reading this, give me a call during the day today, and we’ll see if we can’t work out the problems.


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