The reunion beginsTonight seven of us got together…

The reunion begins

Tonight seven of us got together for dinner at Chesapeake’s Seafood Restaurant here in Knoxville to kick off our reunion weekend. Juan drove in from Charlotte, NC, and Don flew in from Tampa. It was a fine dinner at a first class restaurant, and to make it even more special, Juan generously chose to pay for everyone’s dinner. Tomorrow (actually later today) we’ll meet at Pat Kessler’s clubhouse for a get together to share memories of our times together and to enjoy each other’s company.

I find that it is only after an experience is over that I tend to realize what a special thing it is. Our years together as a company were busy with serving clients and trying to make sure we had new assignments when the ones we were on were completed. We didn’t have a lot of time to realize the quality of the people we had assembled when we were together, or at least, I didn’t take the time to realize that. Now, after all these years, I think back about the people who were a part of that organization and I am astounded by the skill, ability and intelligence that the company had at its disposal.

Unfortunately not al those who were a part of the experience are able to attend this weekend. Most recently I heard from Carol Medlang whose parents have both been ill lately and because of that she couldn’t attend. Janice Willis also had other plans interfere with her ability to participate in the weekend. Others too couldn’t make the weekend, and as of this point I’m not sure just who else won’t be here. I’m looking forward to seeing Jane Hascall and Benny Abbot, her husband, tomorrow. More after the events later today and tonight.

The collection of pictures from tonight’s dinner are already on the web at the Vernine and Associates Reunion Gallery on Pbase.


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