Vernine and Associates Reunion

I joined Vernine and Associates in 1979 and for the next twenty years enjoyed an association that profoundly affected my life. By 1999 the company had run its life-cycle, but during those years I had the priviledge of working in hundreds of companies and visiting all but three states in this country. (The three I missed were North Dakota, Alaska and Hawaii.) Aside from the tour of the U.S. that my work provided I was also blessed by exposure to a remarkable assortment of people, both in the companies that I visited and particularly in the company I worked for.

An email exchange in February with a few of the former employees of Vernine and Associates prompted me to suggest that we should have a 30th reunion, since in my recollection (not what it used to be) the company began in 1972. Actually the beginning year was 1973, but despite that my suggestion was met with enthusiasm by my former collegues. So we are now planning that reunion to take place on August 24th here in Knoxville. For the first time ever, we’ll reassemble the group of remarkable people who have distinguished themselves, not just by their accomplishments while they were a part of Vernine and Associates but also in their subsequent careers.

While it may be like many reunions and turn out to be a disappointment characterized by the fact that people have changed enough to make the “connection” we had earlier only a faded memory, I am hopeful that we’ll be able to enjoy ourselves and being together again as much as we did when we were together as a working group. I suppose only the experience itself will determine that. We’ll find out when the time comes. I am eagerly looking forward to assembling our “team” again, however.


3 thoughts on “Vernine and Associates Reunion

  1. KJ Culver

    I was pleased to see your reference to Vernine and Associates. I was a customer service trainer at Consumers Power in Michigan and for several years (in the 80s) would bring Vernine in to help train new employees. I consider myself forunate to have been able to repeatedly hear their message. I’ve long since retired but still use what I learned from Vernine in dealing with people.

  2. Perry Post author

    Thanks for commenting, K. J. Vernine and Associates did get together in August that year and had a great time visiting and talking about old times together. I recall our working with Consumers Power, though I myself was never assigned to work with them. I am still in contact with Don Vernine (intermittently) and Juan Gutierrez and Jane Hascall. Two of our members who did work with Consumers Power, Bill Kessler and Ron Klieman, have passed on, I’m sorry to say, but you may recall them.

    Congratulations on your retirement and thanks for taking the time to share your positive comments with me.

  3. Joannah Ralston

    Hello Perry,
    I am a graphic designer that worked with Vernine and Associates, and always enjoyed working with the team. Do you know where Juan Guiterrez ended up? I lost touch with him, and I’d love to say hello. Sorry to hear that Bill Kessler passed on.


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