Trading Freedom for SecurityFrom the caption to th…

Trading Freedom for Security

From the caption to this entry, you’d probably guess that I’m going to join the fray about our “war on terrorism” and the price we pay to wage it. But you would be only partially right.

The caption was inspired by a quote from Molly Ivins who said, “We can’t make ourselves safer by making ourselves less free.” As I think about her quote, I think it is inaccurate. You can trade freedom for security but the price is unacceptable. However, it isn’t the debate over the war on terrorism I want to join. Instead I want to alert you to how Mother Microsoft now wants to solve the problem of computer security by further killing the freedom computer users have.

Richard Forno, in an article titled MS to micro-manage your computer in the UK’s The Register, sounds the following alarm.

“According to Levy, Palladium is a hardware and software combination that will supposedly seal information from attackers, block viruses and worms, eliminate spam, and allow users to control their personal information even after it leaves their computer. It will also implement Digital Rights Management (DRM) for movies and music to allow users to exercise ‘fair use’ rights of such products. Palladium will essentially create a proprietary computing environment where Microsoft is the trusted gatekeeper, guard, watchstander, and ruler of all it surveys, thus turning the majority of computing users into unwilling corporate serfs and subjects of the Redmond Regime.”

The company who gave you the most insecure operating system available with a productivity package that invites virus and trojan writers and hackers to invade your computer is now going to “solve” the problem you have, all for the incredibly low price of your freedom.

Be afraid; be very afraid.


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