Meg Hourihan’s Description of BloggingIn this arti…

Meg Hourihan’s Description of Blogging

In this article, What We’re Doing When We Blog [Jun. 13, 2002], Meg Hourihan explains what characterizes a blog. It’s a good introduction for those unfamiliar with blogs, and it helps those of us who are to distinguish what the essence of blogging is. I cheat a bit by quoting her closing paragraph, but I commend the entire article to you.

As bloggers, we’re in the middle of, and enjoying, an evolution of communication. The traits of weblogs mentioned above will likely change and advance as our tools improve and our technology matures. What’s important is that we’ve embraced a medium free of the physical limitations of pages, intrusions of editors, and delays of tedious publishing systems. As with free speech itself, what we say isn’t as important as the system that enables us to say it.


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