Catching up on my reading of various blogs reveals…

Catching up on my reading of various blogs reveals that a flurry of blogging activity centers on the Connectivity 2002 conference with Dave Weinburger leading the way.

From a blog in the UK comes a fascinating idea about “event blogging” and a way to aggregate the all the commentary on the event into one posting. As a former public speaker who tried to encourage and facilitate involvement of my audience in a dialog about the topic I was discussing, I am both thrilled and a bit intimidated by the idea. Imagine, if you will, speaking to a group of a couple of hundred people who were actively posting to the web their reactions to your comments. It’d be great during those times they are with you and a nightmare during those times when you drifted into territory that was either irrelevant or uninteresting to them. It would, however, be a powerful course-correcting mechanism for a public speaker or panel discussion.


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