When I saw this article at Wired.com, I thought of…

When I saw this article at Wired.com, I thought of my friend, Anthony Morris over in Bavaria. (He’s about to start a corporate blog and recently asked my opinion of one of the available blogging tools, Radio Userland. At the time that he asked, I was thinking only in terms of Userland’s other software product, Manila, which is a more expensive product designed for coporate use.) It appears from the article referred to below that more large corporations are “getting” the fact that blogs may have uses within the corporation.

From Wired.com comes this headline: Flash: Blogging Goes Corporate

“Not only has the company [Macromedia] started to tailor its software to the needs of people who run their own weblogs, but it’s also dived headlong into the much-hyped “blogosphere” itself, setting up its own weblogs as a way to nurture ties with its customers.

Macromedia calls this “the blog strategy,” and some see the company’s moves as the start of a trend. These days, it’s almost unfashionable for a self-respecting Webophile to not have his own blog; if Macromedia’s effort is any indication, soon a tech company that doesn’t embrace weblogs may seem equally dated.”


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