As I read Dan Bricklin’s description of his experi…

As I read Dan Bricklin’s description of his experiences at the Nantucket Conference 2002, the following recommendation led me to purchase the book he is describing below.

The last speaker of the day was David Weinberger. He gave a new talk based on his new book, “Small Pieces Loosely Joined” [link to Amazon]. A really great, entertaining speech. If he gives it again and you can hear him, do. If not, read the book. It made me want to and I’ve started reading it on the plane flight while I write this (it’s good). He shows how the Web is more than the “knowledge” we are used to dealing with. Here’s the way I describe some of what I understood: If you want to deal with facts we can (supposedly) prove, you can describe a company with a balance sheet and income statement. But so much that is important to us as people are not “facts”. (As Enron taught us.) He calls it Knowledge “Anorexia”, limiting “knowledge” to “facts”. The Web has more than facts — it has jokes, feelings, links that show a desire to share. (Imagine that, according to David. With a link the author is telling you to leave his web page and go somewhere else. The opposite of the dotCom “sticky eyeballs” — a horrible image of its own, David said.) We show more of ourselves. The line between private and public selves is much different on the web. All this leads to more real knowledge.


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