Yesterday, I received a call from a friend inquiri…

Yesterday, I received a call from a friend inquiring about advice on buying a digital camera. He knew that late last year I purchased a Canon G2 and just wanted some information about how to make a decision about which camera would meet his needs. Fortunately, this bit of advice is easy to give because I am pretty confident that the answer to almost any question someone in the market for such a camera could want to ask can be found at Digital Photography Review. There are, of course, other fine sites out there on this subject, but it is hard to match the accuracy, completeness and depth of information that Phil Askey provides at this site. It is an easy recommendation.

And if Phil hasn’t already answered your question in his articles or reviews, one of the large number of uses who log on from around the world will be glad to contribute his or her two cents worth. Just pose your question in the appropriate forum and soon you’ll have an opinion, usually based on hard won and sometimes painful experience. You do have to join the site (at no cost) in order to post a question to a forum, but that process is painless and safe.

Although I know where to find out about digital photography, I certainly don’t consider myself an authority on the subject. I’m learning, and I’m having fun doing so, but there’s a lot to know first about photography and then about what is unique about digital photography. And that is, as I understand it, the proper order in which to learn, first about photography and then about the digital version of it. A lot of the problems people raise on the forums in which I’ve participated have as at least one component of their answer something that relates to basic photography. A relatively few of the problems that people have with their digital pictures involve things unique to digital photography alone.


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