While exploring some of the functionality in Blogg…

While exploring some of the functionality in Blogger this morning, I discovered that you can set up a blog in which you permit others to be co-authors. Given how quirky and personal some blogs are, co-authorship seems a strange concept. However, I’ve been thinking how appropriate a co-authored blog would be for a web site where a group wishes to permit its members to have a meeting place where they can post their musings about the topic to which the web site is devoted.

As it turns out, I am a member of such a group — The New Edge Leadership Alliance. We have a section on our web site called The Water Cooler. The original intent of that part of the site was that it would be a place, like the water cooler used to be in businesses, where employees met and discussed informally what was going on in their company. Because we, as a group, are exploring ways in which widely dispersed organizations relate, communicate and coordinate their activities, a co-authored blog seems ideally suited to serve the original intent of our virtual water cooler. We would first create the blog, then invite the individual members to become co-authors, and once they had done so each of them could log on with their browser, post thoughts and react to those posted by others. Seems an ideal use of this tool to me. What do you think Stan and Patrick?


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