I’ve now notified a few of you that I have this we…

I’ve now notified a few of you that I have this weblog. I’ll welcome your feedback on the things you see here, once you’ve had a chance to check it out.

A part of the fun of Weblogs is the interaction and dialog that they provoke among the regular readers. Dan Gillmor, one of the first Weblog authors I read with any regularity, commented in a recent column on how this kind of interaction caused a paradigm shift for him about journalism. Though I don’t suspect I’ll be posting to this Weblog while sitting in a conference or meeting (as he was doing at the time), it will still be fun to experience the dialog a blog such as this can provoke. So your comments are welcome.

While I’m speaking of Dan Gillmor and his blog, let me also mention Dan Bricklin, and Bob Frankston as others whom I read regularly. I am particularly drawn to Frankston’s blog because of the nature of what he chooses to report in it. It is mostly a report on his reactions to developments within the Internet community and the surrounding technology, and so far it has avoided content that is so personal as to be irrelevant to me. (Though, as they say on Sienfeld, “not that there’s anything wrong with that.”)

Today, in case you haven’t heard, is tax day. In my own situation I’m having to file for an extension to get one more 1099 form from one of my mutual funds. I’m sure they sent it to me, because they always do, but for the life of me I can’t find it now. I’ve got to get in touch with them to get a copy before I can file. It illustrates something about my so-called filing system here at the house that I’ve misplaced this document. Recently I ran across an envelope containing an official copy of my birth certificate, and I recall thinking to myself “I need to put this some place where I’ll be able to find it.” Now that I need it to apply for a passport, I can’t find it. It’s here I’m sure, but where it is baffles me.


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